PR Firm Hires 4-Month Old Kitten to Head Goodwill Department

Just in case you missed our Goodwill Ambassador’s first interview with Godigio. He nailed it!


Yes, you read that right. A local PR agency in Atlanta, GA hired a 4-month old kitten to lead the way for corporate responsibility.

At first we thought the story was a hoax, so we headed straight to the source for answers: the PR firm behind our brand, Alexis Chateau PR.

Rumors Confirmed

Founder and managing partner, Alexis Chateau, confirmed via email that the agency did in fact have a kitten on its payroll.

“It’s not some random PR stunt,” she wrote to us. “He really is in charge of handling our goodwill strategies, as we work to reach more animal rights organizations and non-profits.”

Method Behind the Madness

Because who could say “no” to a young kitten, right? That would just be cruel. Yet according to the press release on the company’s website, people do every day at animal shelters across America:

Black cats have the lowest adoption rates…

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